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Things to consider when organising your wedding Transport in Sydney


As residents of Sydney we’re proud of our bridges, tunnels and ferries, but we’re often prone to congestion, delays and large expenses. The art of successfully navigating through Sydney is a skill that comes with experience and practice, but in this sprawling metropolis even the best-laid plans can be hijacked and there are a few things brides and grooms should consider when planning their wedding day transport in the harbour city.


Peak Hour
When planning a Sydney Wedding you should consider peak hour congestion. Sydney-siders are all too familiar with the peak hour rush turning 45 minute trips into 2 hour marathons. Friday brides can forget about eating their entree if they’re travelling to the reception on the M5.

‘Official’ peak hour in Sydney is from 6:30—9:30AM and 4:30-6:30PM weekdays, but before you stop reading because you think you’ll be avoiding these times on your wedding day – we said ‘official’ for a reason. Weekend traffic congestion is on the rise – if you don’t believe us check out this article we found in the Sydney Morning Herald here. Have you ever tried to make your way up the Pacific Highway on Saturday morning? Nightmare!

If travelling at peak times allow at least double the travel time ie. allow 2 hours for a 1 hour trip. Practice the trip at the exact time and day a few times so you get an idea of the regular traffic flow. You can then plan wedding transport timing accordingly.

Sydney is the home of vibrant festivals, world class sporting events, fun runs and parades – which is part of why we love living here! But events in Sydney can cause significant road closures and delays so it’s important that you check to see if an event will affect you. Check out the What’s On! City of Sydney website  for any major events that may affect your transport route and timing on the day. It’s also a good idea to check out the calendars of major event venues like the SCG and Sydney Olympic Park.

Toll roads weave their way through Sydney and if you’re travelling across the city then it can be difficult to find a direct route clear of tolls. If you’re hiring your wedding cars then generally most companies will include the cost of tolls in the overall package, but it is important to check because individual car companies have different terms and conditions and you don’t want to be hit with an additional $100 (or more!) for use of tolls! If using a friend’s car ensure that they have an E-tag setup. If it’s a vintage car used only for short Sunday drives, chances are the owner may not have registered the vehicle with an E-tag. Make sure this is done prior to the wedding day to avoid a fine.

Sydney is a Water City
Sydney’s dazzling harbour is the city’s pride and joy and while Sydney’s roads can be a minefield of unexpected delays, water transport can be a beautiful alternative. Water taxis, ferries and private charter boats can all be used to transport you and your guests to ceremony, reception and home again. If you’re marrying at a church in Parramatta why not catch the ferry into the city with all your guests? It’ll become a party boat in no time. Take a look at the Sydney Ferries timetable to plan your best route. Water Taxis Combined actually includes packages that cater specifically for weddings. One of their water taxis can pick you up from around 100 waterside locations across the city.

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