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Sydney Wedding’s Tips for Planning Your Dream Honeymoon


With squillions of options available to you, planning your ideal honeymoon can sometimes be overwhelming – but it can also be one of the most exciting things you’ll do in the lead up to your big day. Just make sure you follow a few basic steps…


1. Have A Chat

Talk about the options with your fiancé, what type of holiday you both have in mind. Does lying in the sun with a cocktail in hand tickle your fancy, or would you prefer to be snuggled up in front of a log fire? Are you active or would you prefer to kick back and chill out? Is there a certain continent or country that’s particularly appealing? Find something you are both thrilled about – it’s no good if you’re dreaming of showing off your new bikini, while he imagines you both trekking up Mount Kosciusko.

2. Know Your Budget

Even if you both agree that a month at a French Chateau would be amazing, it might be a little beyond your means. Revise your financial capabilities and set your spending limit – then it’s all up for negotiation.

Photograph Kimberlee Kessler Honeymoon Beach

3. Do Your Research

Do a little investigation into your destination – you may even find a bargain online. Bookstores and libraries hold travel guides, which are great at outlining must-sees and handy travel routes.

4. Get The Timing Right

Make sure you check out peak travelling seasons of your chosen destination. You don’t want to arrive at a beach in the middle of a monsoon! Don’t immediately dismiss low season times though, as often they will be less crowded and you and your new husband can enjoy some peace and quiet without running into crowds of kiddies on school holidays.  As a bonus you may also pick up cheaper packages during off-peak times.


5. Travel Agent

Enlisting the help of a professional can be very beneficial – they will have dealt with many couples in your situation and should be well equipped to advise you. You may even be able to snap up a special honeymoon or wedding package!

6. The Early Bird Catches The Room

It may seem obvious but we’re going to say it anyway – plan your honeymoon well in advance! Although wedding plans are important and time consuming, don’t leave the finer details of your trip unattended. It may sound romantic, but sleeping on a beach for a fortnight is not all it’s cracked up to be. Rooms and flights book out fast – especially in peak season – so don’t risk missing out. You may even find yourself saving money with an early bird package.


{Images from Top: Aitutaki Lagoon Resort and Spa, Photography by Kimberlee Kessler, Sunset Bungalows, Room of Sunset Bungalows }

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