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How to Hire Your Wedding Car


Once you’ve decided on the look or make of car you want, it’s time to start calling hire car companies, but what does hiring your wedding car involve? First stop is our online directory where you’ll find many reputable Sydney companies plus images of their cars.


Calling for an initial quote

When calling to inquire about the services of a wedding transport company, give them as much information as possible so they can give you an accurate quote.

Check out your car

The best way to choose a car is to go to see it, sit in it and imagine yourself on the big day. Check whether you can enter and exit the car easily and if it will comfortably accommodate your bridal gown and headdress. Inspect the car carefully to see how well it is maintained. You can generally assume that an immaculately presented car will also be mechanically sound. Check that the operator is accredited by the Department of Transport – most display their accreditation at their premises.

Check out your driver

Look for friendliness, professionalism and experience in your drivers. The best drivers are discreet and helpful, letting you get on with enjoying yourself. Ask how your driver will be dressed, as his or her attire needs to be quite neutral, or complement the look you are trying to create.

Check out the service

Determine the service provided by the company on the day. Will a red carpet be laid for you? How will the car be decorated? Can you choose the colour of the decorations? Will champagne be served after the ceremony on the way to the reception?

Check out the backup

Remember to ask what other vehicles are available in the event of a breakdown. Usually, if the car is well looked after inside and outside, then the same will be true under the bonnet, reducing the chance of a breakdown. Ask about insurance to make sure the car operator has full comprehensive cover for the cars.

Check out the pricing

Most companies require a booking deposit, and the balance paid before the wedding or on the actual day. They usually charge by the quarter hour – ask whether the timing is on a garage-to-garage basis, or whether they only charge for the time used from the bride’s home to the reception. This can make a big difference to the cost. Most companies have a set rate for a set number of hours and then they have a per quarter hour rate for overtime. Ask if GST is additional, and get a quote so that you can compare prices.

Booking details 

Whatever you decide, remember to book well in advance – at least six months prior to your wedding date. Otherwise you may find it hard to get what you want – some dates are very popular. Generally, you will be asked to complete a company form that outlines times, pick up and drop off destinations and addresses. Be sure to book your vehicle by registration number. This is the only way to be certain that you will receive the exact car you have chosen. Make sure that your quote is firm and not subject to change.

Confirm it in writing 

When you’ve got all the details, confirm everything in writing and keep a copy for yourself. One week before the wedding, phone to reconfirm all details.

 {Image: Photography by James Frost}

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