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Honeymoon Essentials


Before you step on the plane and get whisked away on your dream holiday, make sure you first consider the essentials. 

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For a trip outside Australia, you will need a passport. If you already have a passport, check its expiration date – if it’s less than 6 months call the passport office, as some countries will not let you disembark. If you don’t have one of these handy little booklets, you can obtain an application form from any post office. The process takes approximately two weeks – so leave ample time.


Many countries require a valid entry visa, so check with your travel agent and see if you need one for your intended destination. If so, make sure you apply for one at least one month in advance. Some other countries offer a visa waiver for Australian citizens. Just make sure you check it out well in advance.

Travel Insurance

No matter where you travel to, it’s imperative that you take out travel insurance. Although it’s unlikely that anything will go wrong, it will give you peace of mind. Should your luggage go walkabouts somewhere between setting off and arriving at your honeymoon destination, travel insurance will ensure that help is only a phone call away – you may even get a whole new wardrobe!


It’s a good idea to do some research and figure out how much things will cost on your honeymoon. Guesstimate how much money you will need and can afford to spend each day. Add a little extra for emergencies and of course a couple of souvenirs! Try not to carry too much cash on you at one time.

Travel Money Cards

Many banks and even the Post Office now offer travel money cards, which can be used like credit cards but aren’t charged interest. You load it up with your own cash and lock in the exchange rate at the time. Most charge a fee to deposit and withdraw cash, so it’s best to do lump sum transactions. Keep an eye on the exchange rate while you’re planning and if you see it spike, that’s the best time to lock it in!

Credit Cards

Most countries have credit card facilities, so it’s a good idea to take a major credit card with you – Visa or MasterCard are preferred. They are handy as you don’t have to carry cash around with you, although remember to check out what your bank charges for conversion and withdrawal fees. Be smart with your credit card and only take it out at reputable places you know are not going to be fraudulent.


To check if you will need any vaccinations on your ultimate getaway do a search on your chosen destination. Check out www.smarttraveller.gov.au – if it is recommended that you get vaccinated, have it done at least three weeks before your wedding – so your ‘something blue’ isn’t the indigo bruise on your arm.

Home Security

Ask your friendly neighbour, to feed the pet goldfish, collect your mail and check on your home while you’re away. Remember to cancel any newspapers or other deliveries and pay all the necessary bills to avoid coming home to a nasty letter!


Double check your flight details, choose your seats and print off your boarding passes a day before you leave to ensure that the take-off time hasn’t changed and you’ve got good seats. For interstate flights make sure you arrive at the airport at least 45 minutes prior to departure and for international flights at least two hours prior.

Now with your husband, sunscreen (or ugg-boots) in tow, remember you’re setting off for an adventure – smile, relax and most importantly don’t forget to have a fabulous time!

Bon Voyage!

{Image: Aitutaki Lagoon Resort and Spa}

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