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Cityscape and Architectural Wedding Celebration Venues


For those who adore an urban setting, Sydney offers an abundance of unforgettable wedding venues; from traditional churches and chapels to quirky museums and contemporary galleries.


Whilst Sydney’s CBD is small in comparison to international cities, it offers a range of sleek, contemporary venues and a good handful of historical ones, too. When it comes to choosing a space to celebrate your wedding, you need to first consider your priorities and your style. 

For those who want to stick with tradition there is a beautiful collection of churches in and around the city. Perhaps the most grand and stunning is St Mary’s Cathedral; an unforgettable venue imbued with years of worship, prayer and celebration. Aesthetically it is exquisite – high ceilings, stained glass windows, heavy, wooden pews and a long, long aisle. It is the ideal church for a traditional Catholic service and will, no doubt, inspire an elegant wedding theme. Plus, there are countless photo opportunities in and around the building with the beautiful Hyde Park just a stone’s throw away.

If you do want to marry in a church but prefer an intimate setting, don’t fret! There are some beautiful, little chapels dotted around the Harbour, the Eastern suburbs and the North Shore. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite as romantic as a stone chapel with an iron bell and wooden pews – what a setting! Check our list of Sydney’s top churches.


  • Regardless of your religion, most churches require you to book well in advance, pay for the privilege and meet with the priest/pastor for a number of counseling sessions. It’s important that you communicate your reasons for wanting to marry in the church and clearly explain your good intentions for your marriage.
  • Remember that small churches are just that – small! If you love the idea of a quaint church but you have a long guest list you might need to consider other ceremony options.

The Inner-City Celebration

There are so many amazing options for celebrating in the city. First-class reception venues abound with a huge variety of options – rustic by the water, sleek near the Park, ultra-modern or vintage and romantic – whatever your style, Sydney has a venue for you.

But perhaps crystal chandeliers and Harbour views don’t phase you. If you want to celebrate in an urban setting but prefer a different scene, why not look into the possibility of hiring a rooftop garden, a small cafe, an art gallery or a museum (yes, you can celebrate surrounded by prehistoric skeletons and cabinets full of crystals and minerals!)

It’s not uncommon for couples to hold their wedding ceremony in beautifully designed buildings where formality and tradition combine in a modern setting.

{Image: Cafe Morso}

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