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Sydney Wedding Magazine Issue 26 Now On Sale


The brand new edition of every Sydney bride’s must-have – Sydney Wedding Magazine – is here! It is the most comprehensive and organised wedding magazine that covers everything from the engagement ring to the honeymoon filled with suppliers and tips specifically for Sydney brides! The issue starts with our ultimate planning tips that covers everything from […]

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Montagio Mens Suits

Tuxedo vs Wedding Suit With Montagio Custom Tailoring


When it comes to choosing formal wear for the groom, you may wonder if there is any difference between a tuxedo or a suit. After all, isn’t a tuxedo just a jazzed up suit for special occasions? Jatin – Creative Director of Montagio Custom Tailoring – explains why it is not, and goes through the many reasons […]

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Rocket Events on Cocktail Weddings


  To cocktail or not to cocktail? It can be at tricky decision whether to celebrate your wedding with a traditional sit down meal or a mingling cocktail event. We asked wedding events expert Penny Miller of Rocket Events to weigh in on the debate and share her thoughts on the cocktail wedding… Why would someone […]

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The Perfect Jewels – How to Pick Wedding Jewellery to Match Your Wedding Gown


Many brides find it difficult to find the perfect accessories to go with their wedding gown so we’ve got a few helpful tips to ensure your jewellery suits and won’t over do your wedding dress.  1/ What jewellery goes with lace? If you’re wearing a dress covered with lace then pearls are great! Pearls give […]

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