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Sydney Wedding was created to be the “how-to” information on organising a wedding along with the “where-to-go in Sydney to find everything”.

The Sydney Wedding raison d’etre is still just as relevant today as it was 26 years ago. Brides and grooms still call Sydney Wedding their bible and we get feedback every day from brides thanking us for all the help we’ve given them. There is no magazine quite like it. Even though we have the internet and social media with masses of information on weddings available at our fingertips, nothing beats having all the information you need to plan your wedding in Sydney in one magazine. It would take years of googling and searching on social media to get all this quality information and inspirational images!

This edition of the planning bible is full to the brim with rings, receptions, decorating, ceremonies, photography, entertainment, transport and sooo much more!


Be enamoured by beautiful bling…

Your rings will likely be something you will want to cherish forever, and keep within your family for subsequent generations, so you will need to choose well. This chapter starting on page 16 will help you make an informed decision so that your precious jewels will last as long as your love for each other. 

In the garden…

For a little taste of old world romance and opulence, you can’t go past one of Sydney’s beautiful heritage-listed buildings on page 66.

Your chariot awaits…

Start your engines and polish those hubcaps, we’ve got a wedding to get to on time. How often do you get the chance to show up somewhere in a sleek luxury Porsche, a pimpin’ stretch Hummer, or a vintage Cadillac. Just don’t get too excited and drive into the sunset, you’ve got a wedding to get to. See page 216…

The secret to beauty…

Exquisite bridal hair and makeup plays an important role in making a bride feel extra special on her wedding day. And often looking and feeling great is all in the preparation. We’ve done the research on page 262 to identify some excellent treatments to make you feel great and look gorgeous on your wedding day.

Each chapter also features a comprehensive directory of Sydney’s most talented vendors so you can get in touch with people that can make your dream wedding happen for you!

Sydney Wedding Magazine also come with a FREE gowns magazine that features 200 amazing gowns, dress galleries, directories and all you need to know about finding the perfect dress! Find a preview on the Modern Wedding blog today!

Video CreditsVideography: You Studios /Stylists: Katelin Bosler & Georgia Lejeune / Photography: Milenko Weddings / Hair: Craig ChaplarWild Life Hair using Davine  / Makeup:Julie Elton using M.A.C Cosmetics / Photographer’s Assistant: Alistair Woods / Makeup Assistant: Samantha Symonds /Flowers: Lola Mai Floral Styling / Location:Royal Botanic Garden.

Sydney Wedding Cover Credits: Gown: Amarige Bridal Couture with Joseph Sayadi / Photography: Milenko Weddings / Stylists: Katelin Bosler and Georgia Lejeune / Hair: Craig Chaplar, Wild Life Hair using Davines / Makeup: Julie Elton using M.A.C Cosmetics / Photographers Assistant: Alistair Woods / Makeup Assistant: Samantha Symonds / Jewellery: Pandora / Location: Royal Botanic Garden.

Sydney Wedding Magazine Issue 26 Now On Sale



The brand new edition of every Sydney bride’s must-have – Sydney Wedding Magazine – is here! It is the most comprehensive and organised wedding magazine that covers everything from the engagement ring to the honeymoon filled with suppliers and tips specifically for Sydney brides!

The issue starts with our ultimate planning tips that covers everything from what to do straight after you get engaged (page 8) , who pays for what and a handy planning timetable that outlines what to down to the week before your big day (page 12)!


Once you’ve picked your bridal party, hand the mag over to your bridal #squad and share our ‘Secrets To Parties’ (page 22) for the perfect hens and bucks!


Make your dream reception a reality with our feature on receptions (page 42) that will help you decide on indoor vs outdoor soirée’s and even sort out your seating plan! Find out more about what happens at a reception on page 44 and read about Sydney’s best garden and historic venues (page 60), beach wedding and harbour venues (page 84),  and cityscape and architectural venues (page 128).



Make your memories last a lifetime by locking in the perfect photographer. We give you our tips on choosing a photographer (page 224) and share gorgeous real wedding stories that showcase the amazing local photography talent Sydney brides have to choose from!


Your groom can head to page 248 to start planning in your all-important transport for the day! We share tips on what style of car to choose, how to hire a wedding care as well as some alternative transport options available for Sydney.


Be inspired to pepper your day with gorgeous finishing touches with ‘The Details’ shoot starting page 310. We share styling inspiration for coastal, timeless, colourful, boho and rustic themes!

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There is also a wealth of information on rings, wedding entertainment, beauty and so much more! Each chapter also features a comprehensive directory of Sydney’s most talented vendors so you can get in touch with people that can make your dream wedding happen for you!

Sydney Wedding Magazine also come with a FREE gowns magazine that features 200 amazing gowns, dress galleries, directories and all you need to know about finding the perfect dress! Find a preview here!

Sydney Wedding Magazine 2016 – The 25th Silver edition On Sale



Planning your wedding in Sydney just got easier with the release of the special 25th edition Sydney Wedding magazine! Our special edition bumper issue is filled with pages of unique wedding and ceremony venues, style inspiration as well as local Sydney suppliers for your invitations, cars, flowers, cakes and more! Our complete guide to photography and Sydney wedding photographers will ensure your memories are captured the way you want. We’ve also included mini comprehensive guides, chapter by chapter, so you won’t miss a thing when it comes to all the elements of a planning a Sydney wedding!

Our cover was illustrated by the talented Alexandra Nea and sums up the class, elegance and beauty of a gorgeous Sydney wedding! Check out a preview of some of the pages below!






Sydney wedding is available at all good newsagents in Sydney or online here.

PLUS every Sydney Wedding magazine comes with a FREE Gowns magazine!





Tuxedo vs Wedding Suit With Montagio Custom Tailoring


When it comes to choosing formal wear for the groom, you may wonder if there is any difference between a tuxedo or a suit. After all, isn’t a tuxedo just a jazzed up suit for special occasions? Jatin – Creative Director of Montagio Custom Tailoring – explains why it is not, and goes through the many reasons why a groom might to choose one over the other.


Why wear a tuxedo…

Grooms may choose to wear a tuxedo instead of a wedding suit because they want to make a statement. A tuxedo stands out with finishing details and options such as a waistcoat or cummerbund. A satin stripe on the trousers, satin facings on the lapels, and satin pocket trims are some of the physical differences between a tux and a suit. Often, the buttons are satin covered on a tuxedo jacket as well.

Fabric options are another tangible difference. A tuxedo is typically made in a black, navy, or midnight navy fabric in a solid weave without any pattern. This gives the tux a classic look. Another difference of note is that while bow ties and waistcoats can be worn with either tuxedos and wedding suits, a cummerbund is worn exclusively with a tuxedo.

If the garment is unique, then re-use is limited, but the upside of a custom tuxedo is that it makes a statement on your wedding day. Though the options are a few, there are some situations aside from your wedding where the reuse of your wedding tuxedo would work:

  • Black tie events
  • Charity galas
  • Weddings
  • Proms
  • Awards ceremonies
  • Theatre
  • Opera


Why wear a Wedding Suit…

Grooms that opt for a wedding suit may do so in order to maximise the use of the suit. After all, if you are going to spend over $1000 on a wedding suit, then you probably want to use it again.

Suits are acceptable wear to wear in a wider variety of dress codes like business dress, black tie, the races or as a guest of a wedding and can be worn to more events than tuxedos can.While the accessories you choose to wear with your wedding suit may be different from those you would wear for work-wear, you may still be able to reuse them for special occasions and celebrations (think anniversaries or fancy parties). Thus, a wedding suit is a better investment over time because the cost of wearing goes down faster than a tuxedo’s will.


It’s Your Party

Your celebration, your rules, right? Well… for the best part! For instance, one rule is to avoid wearing wedding suits with pinstripes to your wedding. It’s just too business-like. You would find it difficult to use a pinstripe business suit for wedding wear, but you could use a solid colour suit as both a wedding suit and work wear.

The fun thing about fashion and style is there are always exceptions to every rule. Elvis Presley was married in his midnight blue tux; Aaron Paul tied the knot in a navy tuxedo; Tom Cruise celebrated his nuptials dressed in a designer wedding suit… and they all looked dapper!

So, who is the winner in the tuxedo versus wedding suit debate? You are!

By weighing-up the benefits of both and making the best decision for your ceremony, you can be assured you look and feel like a million bucks – regardless of whether you are dressed in a designer tuxedo like Justin Timberlake or rocking a traditional wedding suit like Tom Cruise.

Thanks to Jatin V for sharing his expert advice for this article! Montagio is Sydney’s leading wedding suit specialists. Visit their website for great ideas and advice

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