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Choose Your Words Wisely – The art of Writing a Wedding Invitation


With bundles of paper and envelopes carefully arranged, it’s time to write your words. Remember the golden rule: choose them wisely.


It goes without saying that the words on your wedding invitations are important. Not only do they announce the event, they contain the who, what and where details. So, what are the must have snippets of info you need to include?

  • The names of the bride and groom
  • Wedding day and date
  • Ceremony time and venue (with address details)
  • Reception time and venue (with address details)

Names – Who Goes First?

If you want to follow a traditional invite format you will usually start your invitation with the names of the bride’s parents. According to etiquette it is the hosts of the wedding whose names are first, ie. the people paying for the event.

You could write something like:

“With great joy

Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Smith

invite you to the wedding of their daughter

Isabelle Clare Smith


 Dennis Frederick Williams

son of Mr. and Mrs. David Williams.”

If you like tradition but don’t want to list the names of your parents, simply write:

“Together with their families…”

Perhaps you want to shun tradition and completely personalise your invites. If this is the case, get creative.

“Two years ago we got engaged and now it’s time to marry.

Join us as we say ‘I do’ and celebrate with feasting, dancing and the clinking of champagne flutes.

Love, Katie & Ben”

Time, Date and Location

Triple check the day and date of your wedding. No doubt you have it lodged in your brain forever but you don’t want to waste all that glorious paper and ink by writing Sunday instead of Saturday. Industry professionals also advise couples to reconfirm the date and time with the ceremony and reception venue. You can never have enough reassurance.

Try something like this:

“Saturday, July 23rd 2012

at 4 o’clock in the afternoon

at Mount Rainbow Lodge

35 Raven Way, Red Valley

Dinner, dancing & merriment to follow”


“Saturday The Twenty Third of July

Two Thousand and Twelve

At Four O’Clock In The Afternoon

St Simon Church,

Richmond St, Sydney

Followed by Feasting and Dancing at

Red House Inn, Valley Road”

Check, Check, Check

Before you get writing or printing make sure you have a few people read-over the wording to check for spelling and grammatical errors. If you are unsure about the spelling of a guest’s name, confirm the correct spelling before you send the invite, it shows you care.

What’s Your Type?

There is a certain personal appeal to handwritten invites. It definitely proves that you have put in the hours to create beautiful stationery. However, if you are choosing to have the text printed, you have to decide on a font. Remember you should choose a font that is readable over one that is decorative, a blend of aesthetics and practicality is possible! To create a perfect blend, print the guests’ names in a fancy, scripted font and have the rest of the information in a type that is plain and legible.

{Image: Stationery by Stationery Online, Photography Jim Smith}

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