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Rocket Events on Cocktail Weddings



Rocket Events on Cocktail Weddings

To cocktail or not to cocktail? It can be at tricky decision whether to celebrate your wedding with a traditional sit down meal or a mingling cocktail event. We asked wedding events expert Penny Miller of Rocket Events to weigh in on the debate and share her thoughts on the cocktail wedding…

Why would someone choose to have a cocktail celebration?

There are many reasons bride and groom’s choose a cocktail wedding over a sit down celebration, but I find,  the main reason is the number of guests and the venue they have chosen, they want all their friends and family there, and a cocktail event allows for a larger group of guests.

What do you see as the advantages of a cocktail wedding? 

The advantages are the decorations and choice of venue, you can have a lot of fun with theming and dressing up a room, from unique pieces, to vintage style, from a small gathering to a lavish event, there are not limits, and venues always have the space for a cocktail event.

Outdoor Cocktail Wedding

Have cocktail weddings changed in recent years?

Yes, for sure, bride and groom’s really put a lot of thought into cocktail weddings, they love the idea of choosing what style they like, daytime or evening, chill out lounges, flowers, band or DJ, people love choices and having a cocktail wedding allows for many different options.

What do you love about cocktail weddings? 

I love the fact that you can go into an empty space or blank canvas and turn the area into something totally amazing.

Cocktail Wedding Decor

Are there any cocktail wedding ideas you’ve seen recently and love? 

I love dessert and lolly buffet’s, the more the better, and guests love it.  I have seen people open there handbags and drop a few extra lollies in there for the trip home, it’s priceless.

What does a couple need to consider when planning a cocktail wedding? 

You need to consider options when you are using an outdoor area, plan B is a must.  Oh and always consider that all your guests will be coming, everyone loves a good wedding, and cocktail weddings are known to keep going to the wee hours of the morning.

Cocktail Wedding

Is there any sort of wedding etiquette associated specifically with a cocktail wedding?

Our parents and grandparents, or older friends, need comfortable lounge furniture to relax in and catch up with the family.  Older guests won’t stay if they have to lean on a bar table or share an ottoman, they want to stay till the end, but in comfortable seating.

So what will it be for you – cocktail or sit down?

You can find out more about setting up a unique space for a cocktail wedding at www.rocketevents.com.au

All images courtesy Rocket Events.

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