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How to Create A Unique Gents Wedding Ring


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It would be fair to say that us ladies have an abundance of choice when it comes to anything fashion. You only have to look into any modern female’s wardrobe to see evidence of an array of colours, textures and styles. The other extreme is your typical guys wardrobe. If my partner’s wardrobe is an example then the average male wardrobe will consist of a selection of t-shirts in block colours or stripes, a selection of shirts for those more formal occasions, jeans, shorts and perhaps a suit; the bare basics of a female wardrobe. Why is this? Is it because of lack of choice? Or do men just like to keep it simple?

The same can generally be said when it comes to jewellery. Women again have endless, constantly evolving options. The choices, once again, for men are more limited.

When you consider engagement and wedding rings the contrast is once again obvious, ladies tend to have beautiful sparkling engagement and wedding ring sets and men will typically wear a classic gold plain wedding ring. This is men normally opting for a understated and timeless ring. However, the traditional choice, is less frequent now with the evolving designs and todays’ man wanting a little bit more personality in their jewellery. More men are becoming more expressive and experimental with what they wear. So it is understandable that there are some men who are after something a little different when it comes to their wedding ring.

If you are a guy or your fiancée to be falls into this category then considering a custom made ring might be the best option for you. Custom design means that your choices are limited only by your own imagination. At Larsen Jewellery we are experienced in working with our clients to come up with designs that suit both their needs and style requests.

If you are after a unique custom-made gents wedding ring, here are our most helpful tips to get you on your way:


First things first… What is your style? Modern, industrial, edgy… The list goes on. Flick through magazines or scroll the Internet for a bit of inspiration. It is always helpful to go to a custom made appointment with an idea of what you are after. But not to fear if you still have no idea because sometimes trying on a ring or two will point you in the right direction too.

Diamonds or Gemstones

Diamonds are not exclusive to women. A gents wedding ring is the perfect item of jewellery to add a touch of dazzle! This can be as bold or subtle as you like and you are not limited to white diamonds. Black diamonds can make a fantastic masculine choice. For a discreet look, set a stone into the inside or the side of your ring.



Decide on what color metal you want and go from there. (Today) The most popular choice is white metals. The two most popular white metal choices are white gold and platinum. If a white metal is not for you then the traditional yellow gold or rose gold are the next most popular and versatile options.

If you prefer the industrial look or are after an extremely hardwearing yet light metal you might opt for titanium. An added bonus, titanium is one of the most affordable metals. It is important to advise that whilst titanium has many benefits it cannot be soldered and therefore cannot be resized or altered down the track. This also means that some designs may be limited.

Mix Your Metals

Combining coloured metals to create a striking contrast looks fantastic. A really unique style of mixed metals is Mokume Gane. Mokume Gane is a traditional Japanese technique where different coloured metals are layered and worked in a way that creates a stunning wood grain effect. There are an array of colour combinations, white gold with silver, white and yellow gold with silver, white and rose gold with silver, or a stunning palladium and yellow gold!

Larsen Jewellery Mens Rings


Hand engraved jewellery is like what a tattoo is to skin – the perfect way to personalise your ring and give it that touch of you. We have even had someone’s tattoo pattern engraved into a ring! Choose written text, patterns or an image. You will be amazed at what an experienced hand engraver can create.

Textures and Finish

Not everyone loves a traditional high polished finish and if you are a guy who uses his hands a lot this may not be the best option for you! The finish of your ring can completely change the look of your ring. A matte finish will give a lovely soft, flat appearance, if you are like most men and don’t like to draw too much attention to yourself this could be a great option for you. Textured finishes such as a hammer finish look great and wear really well over time.



The best way to create a unique wedding ring is to experiment (be open to anything) with different combinations of metals, surface treatments, gemstones and engraving. Don’t be shy to voice your ideas to your jeweller, no matter how crazy they may seem to you. At Larsen Jewellery we love the chance to create something unique. One of our jewellers will work with you to bring your ideas together to form a truly unique piece.

Special thanks to Larsen Jewellery for sharing their tips and advice with us! For more male (and female!) wedding ring inspiration be sure to follow Larsen Jewellery on Instagram @larsenjewellery and check them out on Facebook.

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